4 Ways to Prep for a Long-term Trip

4 Ways to Prep for a Long-term Trip

Vacations offer us a great way to unwind from the hassle of daily life. However, the best vacations often require a bit of planning, so to help you get into vacation mode, we’ve compiled a quick checklist to help make your departure to and return from your vacation as seamless as possible.

1. Set your house to “vacation mode.”


If you’re planning to be away for your summer vacation, adjust your thermostat before you set off. Depending on how long you’ll be away, shutting down your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC system) may help you save on your electricity bill. However, this could cause humidity-related issues in your homes such as moisture build-up and mold. To prevent this from happening, set your programmable thermostat to your ideal temperature before going on a longer vacation.

Having an HVAC technician perform a routine inspection on your cooling system is another way of prepping your AC for your vacation. An HVAC unit professional will be able to catch issues such as air leaks from weak weather strips which is one of the most common causes of ineffective air conditioners and expensive cooling costs.

Lastly, clean your indoor and outdoor air filters before going on an extended vacation. When debris, dust, and dirt accumulate in your filters, your indoor air quality is compromised due to the allergens that are now airborne. Cleaning your filters regularly ensures that the quality of your indoor air isn’t a health concern for the people living in your home.

To prevent electrical damage to your home appliances during an unexpected power outage, install a surge protector for your HVAC unit. You can also unplug any unnecessary appliances.

2. Buy your dietary supplements in bulk.


If you’re currently incorporating a health supplement such as Blood Pressure 911 into your daily diet to help you manage your blood pressure levels, ensure you stock up on enough capsules before you travel. Phytage Labs Blood Pressure is used to manage bad cholesterol levels, low blood sugar levels, and the effects of high blood pressure.

Given the proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients and extracts—Vitamin C, Buchu Leaf, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Niacin, Hawthorne Leaf, Green Tea Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Hibiscus, Juniper Berry—found in Phytage Labs’ natural supplement, be sure to leave the capsules in their original packaging and you pack it in your carry-on bag so you can access it easily.

Remember to seek sound medical advice before starting a new supplement to rule out potential side effects.

3. Leave some lights on.


As you make vacation plans, don’t forget to look out for your home’s security. A visibly empty house—with shades and curtains always drawn—can be an easy target for potential burglars, so to avoid this, leave a few lights on to make your home seem occupied even when you’re away.

Luckily these days you can set timers to switch your lights on and off at intervals to create the illusion of occupancy. Besides using a timer, you can also ask a trusted neighbor to be on the lookout, and let you know if the lights are working as they should. Notifying your home security provider that you’ll be away for a longer vacation is also a good idea because then they can also be on the lookout.

4. As your local post office to hold your mail.


To avoid having a mountain of unwanted advertising flyers and leaflets waiting in your mailbox, call your post office and ask them to hold mail delivery until you’re back. Besides being the best way to let burglars know you’re away from home, a pile of unread newspapers on your doorstep will also mean more clearing up for you when you get back from your vacation, do you want that?