Home Maintenance Tips For Florida Residents

Home Maintenance Tips For Florida Residents

Florida residents know the challenges of homeownership in one of the nation’s hottest, wettest, and most unpredictable states. Construction and renovation projects reflect these conditions as Floridians consider upgrades that can withstand the unlikely combination of nature’s beauty and wrath.

Maintain your roof.

Every spring, a Florida homeowner should climb up on the roof. There’s just no getting around the need to clean out your gutters and check for shingle damage that could quickly turn into a major leak. Between the semi-cold of winter and the threat of hurricanes coming a few months later in the fall, roof repairs are best done during the relaxed months of early spring or summer — before the daily rainfall begins to take effect. A professionally installed roof should last you about 20 years, but the unpredictable nature of Florida’s weather means that anything is possible when it comes to the soundness of your home. Make sure you take great care of the spaces above your head in order to extend the life of your roof for as long as possible.

Keep your air conditioning in working order.

Floridians know the importance of a working air conditioner. Central heating is the standard here, meaning a breakdown will affect the entire home, and quickly create an unbearable heat wave inside the home that you will need to remedy immediately. Keeping your air conditioning unit serviced and in proper working order is essential to maintaining other aspects of the home. A hothouse during the summer means a house full of suffering people unable to focus on the projects they need to get done. Contact an air conditioning repair and maintenance service like Direct Air Conditioning in order to keep tabs on your AC unit or HVAC system throughout the year so that it’s ready for the challenges of winter and summer alike.

Install a pool to enjoy the fantastic Florida summer.


Searching for pool construction companies Lakeland FL will net you an incredible selection of pool technicians that can dig and lay a pool in just a few days or weeks’ time – depending on the scale of the project. Pools are a staple of the typical Florida home and are essential for creating many of the memories of a Floridian youth. Your family will love the countless lazy days spent lounging on the pool deck, and when you go to sell your home sometime in the distant future it will add considerable value to your asking price. Working with a pool company that has years of experience helping homeowners who are installing a pool for the first time with new pool construction will give you peace of mind as well. New pool construction can be daunting, so you’ll want to have a pool contractor you can trust.

Additionally, a pool is an essential safeguard during hurricane season. Believe it or not, the pool acts as a powerful security device for protecting your home. As the weather begins to get more unpredictable in late June, having the ability to simply toss all your patio furniture into the six to eight feet of water below the surface of the ground will secure all of these typically heavy objects so that they cannot become projectiles aimed at your back windows. A pool minimizes the risk of damage to the structure of your home during these volatile months.

Florida is a great place to live and work. Raising a family here gives you access to some of the world’s best theme parks and beaches. It’s also a state with no additional income tax. Sprucing up your home in order to make your years as a Florida resident all the more memorable is a great idea, while also adding value and a measure of security against the elements in the process. Take on some of these home improvement projects that are common among Florida homes in order to take full advantage of all that a Florida home has to offer.