How to Give Any Room in Your Home a Fresh Look

How to Give Any Room in Your Home a Fresh Look

Your home’s decor can significantly impact your mood, and it can also affect how effectively your rooms function. For example, you might not want to use a virtual reality headset in your living room if it’s filled with furniture and has limited floor space. It’s also possible you might not enjoy cooking or baking if you feel cramped by a small kitchen.

Although you may not be ready to invest in a significant home renovation project, it is possible to make changes in any room in your home that will change how each space functions. Consider these tips if you want to update your home’s decor or if you’re looking for a way to make rooms functional.

Using Color

Color has a significant impact on a room’s look and feel, and the color scheme of each room can also affect how occupants feel when they’re in that space. Dark rooms and hallways will feel smaller than they are. While you may want a cozy den, you may not want to walk into a kitchen or bathroom that feels cramped. Warm colors are also energizing, while cool colors are calming. It’s a good idea to use cool colors in bedrooms to promote rest. Homeowners may opt for cool colors in a formal living room and dining room but might choose warmer tones for the kitchen and recreation room. Take a moment to decide what the focal point of your home is, as that’s the first thing that will impact how you design your d√©cor.

Over time, paint and wallpaper fade, but you can give any room a fresh look by painting it a different color. You can also transform the space by including a feature wall. For example, you could use wallpaper to cover one wall in a room and paint the other walls with a complementary color. You could also opt to use shiplap to decorate a single wall. Other ways to create a distinct look include adding a chair rail and painting the walls different colors above and below the rail or using beadboard on the lower half of each wall and painting the upper portions of the wall a complementary color.

Interior design doesn’t have to be complicated. Adding pops of color to a space with cushions, artwork, chair covers, or accessories, such as lamps and bookshelves, is a simple, affordable way to change a room’s look.

Kitchen Renovation


You can easily transform your kitchen by replacing the cabinets, appliances, countertops, and backsplash. If you’re starting with a small kitchen, you may be able to expand your space by knocking out a wall between the kitchen and dining room and installing a kitchen island in its place.

You can also make low-cost adjustments to improve your kitchen space. Instead of replacing kitchen cabinets, you can opt to refinish them. Use light colors to make a small kitchen feel bigger.

Another way to transform your food prep space is to find a kitchen’s focal point and use it as inspiration for the design of the rest of the room. Your design plan could be centered around a kitchen island, or your stove may be the central feature. Replace fixtures and appliances with ones that complement the focal point, and install a backsplash that incorporates colors from your kitchen’s primary feature. You’ll feel like you have a whole new kitchen.

Affordable Alterations


Refer to tips for home renovations and find options for reasonable adjustments that will transform rooms. For example, if your kitchen has a low ceiling, you may opt to install recessed lights and maximize your use of natural light in that space. Transform a bland dining room with a chandelier centered above the dining table.

Installing a clawfoot tub or a spa bathtub is a great way to turn your bathroom into an oasis. You can also add a tile backsplash as an easy way to alter your shower’s look.

Whether the focal point you want to emphasize is a fireplace, chandelier, or kitchen appliance, you can draw inspiration from a room’s primary feature and use it to inspire the d√©cor in that space. Use different shades and colors to transform your living space. You can also alter a room’s look and feel by changing the lighting or adding a feature wall.