A Week in San Francisco on a $75,000 Salary

A Week in San Francisco on a $75,000 Salary

Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

Today: a property administrative assistant who makes $75,000 a year

Occupation: property administrative assistant

Age: 29

Location: San Francisco, CA

Salary: $75,000 (approx. $2,200 per pay period)

Day One


With a few years of property management under my belt, I’ve been working for a boutique real estate agency. It requires a lot of problem-solving and multitasking skills. But through this role, I’ve been able to work on my own real estate knowledge. This year, I hope to make some of my own personal investments now that I know what it takes. My coworker V. brought me a coffee. We take turns doing this once in a while! I spoke to a few clients and looked over property records.

Total: $0

Day Two


I bought coffee for V. today and decided to look at hard loan lenders over my lunch break. If you’re wondering, “What is a hard loan?“, well, it’s a loan based on property value usually reserved for business owners or investors buying a property for renting. One of my goals is to acquire a flip property and get a loan from a reputable lender. The market has lower interest rates right now, and it’s the perfect time to lock in a purchase price. NW Private Lending, for example, offers hard money loans with decent qualifications that I can meet. They also have a flexible repayment schedule in comparison to government loans.

Total: $9.12

Day Three


All morning, I spent a lot of my time replying to emails and making phone calls. I had to schedule property inspections and usually serve as a point of contact for a lot of the tenants in the properties we manage. When I got home, I decided to look at my investments. I have been interested in Alamos Gold, a gold producer with mining projects for ounces of gold in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. AGI has had great third-quarter results and has mineral reserves in the United States. If I do decide to invest in AGI, I’m looking to sign up for investor alerts, too.

Total: $0

Day Four


The internet went out in our office building about two hours before we were all supposed to leave for the day. The network was down for the whole block. So, we were asked to work from home if it was possible. Thankfully, I had already finished most of the tasks I needed to do for that day. I took it as an opportunity to work on my own personal career development and went to a coffee shop to learn more about flip properties.

Total: $8

Day Five


I put together some monthly incident reports for work. Then, V. and I went out for a work lunch. It was a nice day out, so we wanted to take advantage of the weather. V. works under the HR manager at work, so she has been telling me about her certification process. It was nice to end the work week with a fun lunch.

Total: $12.35

Day Six


My friend J. and I went out for breakfast. It’s one of my favorite meals, so we went to a popular restaurant here in San Francisco. I ordered a char siu sando while J. had a breakfast sandwich and kaya toast. This is a milk bread with coconut jam. We had the best time and walked around the city. Later that day, I had to pay my utility bill.

Total: $67

Day Seven


I went to a group workout class at my local gym. Then, I met up with my friend T., and we had a picnic at the park. I bought some ingredients from the grocery store, and we caught up and shared some turkey wraps, chips, and fruit.

Total: $14

Total for the week: $110.47