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5 Career Paths in Film and TV

Some favorite pastimes of people around the world are going to the movie theater to enjoy a new film or sitting at home and binge-watching their favorite TV show. As a society, we love to enjoy these forms of media. Great TV and film make you feel big emotions and think differently about the world around you. With so many great genres and pieces of art out there, it only makes sense that the TV and film industry continues to grow throughout the years.

If you are someone who loves movies and shows, you may be interested in a future career within this industry. The good news is, there are various paths you can take and a number of great ways to get involved in making video content. There may even be some career opportunities in TV and film that you didn’t even know were there. Here are five different ideas for you to explore if you want to find a job in the television or movie business.

1. Join the video production team.

For people that like taking more of a behind-the-scenes role, you may excel with a position on the video production team. Different video production services are what make the movies and TV shows you love come together smoothly. Production can include the production assistants that get the sets, lights, and sound ready for each shoot. They can also be the editors and special effects team that turns a basic shot into something fantastical. Whatever area of expertise you’re interested in, you can get your foot in the door on the production side of things and work your way up within the business.

2. Become a part of the writer’s room.

If you have a talent for writing and developing new ideas, you can get in on the ground floor by helping to write screenplays and scripts. There are plenty of opportunities for people interested in being in the writer’s room of a TV show. Many long-running programs have a variety of people writing episodes throughout the seasons, so they need plenty of writers to help brainstorm and write these unique scripts. Help craft the TV and film that will go on the big and small screens while flexing your creative muscles as a film or television writer.

3. Help create fantastical looks as a makeup artist.

Artistic talents come in many shapes and forms. Some of the most artistic and creative people in the movie and TV business are the makeup artists that bring all sorts of creatures and characters to life. If you have a way with brushes and makeup, you may want to look into a special effects make-up program to get all the skills to work in the video business. Have fun creating those unique looks for fantasy stories or sci-fi flicks with the use of high-quality makeup.

4. Learn how to market TV shows and films.

Just like any product in the world, people need to sell film and TV to make money off these pieces of art. Creative, strategic minds may enjoy a career in marketing for TV and film. This may include designing movie posters or figuring out the best narrative for commercials or press tours. People who do a great job in this career help make or break the success of a film.

5. Try to be the star of the show with a career in acting.

You can’t talk about careers in TV and film without acknowledging the need for excellent actors who bring these stories to life. If you’re interested in sharing your own experiences and passions on film, start auditioning for different opportunities to play and act in these productions. Of course, this is an extremely competitive job market, but it can be absolutely magical when you find success.