Christian Girl Autumn: How to Get the Look

Christian Girl Autumn: How to Get the Look

Inspired by rapper Megan Thee Stallion, summer 2019 became known across the internet as “Hot Girl Summer,” a time dedicated to living your best life, unapologetically. As those hot days and long nights came to an end, though, Hot Girl Summer was in need of a successor, one that was provided by one Twitter user. Natasha, the originator of the term “Christian Girl Autumn,” found a photo of influencers Caitlin Covington and Emily Gemma from an autumnal photoshoot and tweeted it with the caption “Hot Girl Summer is coming to an end, get ready for Christian Girl Autumn.”

The meme took off, leading to countless replies comparing the two women⁠—missing only Starbucks cups to complete their fall-themed attire⁠—to the “basic bitch” stereotype, ripe with conservative viewpoints and mainstream interests. Upon discovering the Christian Girl Autumn meme, Covington laughed along with those who mocked her and her friend. Twitter users following the saga quickly realized that appearances can be deceiving.

As Covington explained, “I think people realized that not all white girls who love to fall fashion and pumpkin spice are what we’re all categorized to look like.” The women assured followers that they were far more accepting than the meme’s responses suggest, changing the initial parody to something more aspirational. If Covington and Gemma, lifestyle bloggers who appear to embody a stereotype, can embrace the Christian Girl Autumn aesthetic without the less-than-kind viewpoints it’s often associated with, why not take advantage of a cozy blanket scarf and fashionable booties this season?

With or without the Christian Girl Autumn label, fall clothes are some of the most fashionable⁠—and comfortable⁠—pieces in most people’s wardrobes. If you’re wanting to take advantage of this comfortable autumn style yourself, it’s worth noting that the original photo is inspirational, if not something to replicate exactly. As of the meme’s debut, the photo itself was three years old, with another year passing since. While you can’t go wrong with fall staples like cardigans and a sweater dress, trends have evolved in that time. 2020’s iteration of Christian Girl Autumn attire has its own cozy style⁠—and serves as the perfect excuse to invest in some new fall clothes.

2020 trends and Christian Girl Autumn.

From head to toe, the Christian Girl Autumn aesthetic focuses on comfort as much as coiffure. Cozy cardigans and ponchos make sure you’re warm and runway-ready, whether you’re sipping a Starbucks latte or taking selfies with the falling leaves. 2020 fall fashion trends & the bloggers’ aspirational look can be seamlessly combined into an updated Christian Girl Autumn aesthetic.

Wrap yourself in a blanket scarf or poncho.

In the photo that inspired the Christian Girl Autumn meme, Covington and Gemma are draped in complementary thick scarves. Blanket scarves make for a classic, warm fall choice, but ponchos—in a variety of fabrics and styles—are especially in this year, with brands like Michael Kors getting in on the fun.

A sweater is always a good idea.

There’s no limit to the cuts and colors you can find in sweaters, so it’s no surprise that they’re perennial fall favorites. Channel the original Christian Girl Autumn look with a cardigan or opt for an oversized sweater for extra comfort. Looking for something a bit dressier? Pair a sweater dress with tights and your favorite booties. Not a sweater lover? A jacket is a nice alternative⁠—try a denim jean jacket or leather (or pleather) bomber for an autumnal look.

Speaking of boots…

With a good pair of boots, your feet can stay warm and dry without sacrificing style. Opt for a short pair of booties like Covington & Gemma or utilize 2020’s equestrian influences with a pair of knee-high or over-the-knee boots. Let your thickest socks peek out over the top, or cuff your jeans for a denim look.

Christian Girl Autumn makes for a timeless look itself so, paired with 2020’s hottest fall trends, you’re sure to turn heads in your autumnal ensemble. Just add pumpkin spice and head to the apple orchard!