Helping Your Elderly Parents With Home Upgrades Kitchen with kitchenware and shelves

Helping Your Elderly Parents With Home Upgrades

Renovations and additions are key features in the life of a homeowner. For those who’ve reached old age, maintaining the home can be a bit more difficult than it used to be. Often, adult children will help parents manage home repairs and upgrades to improve their quality of life and ease of access.

If you are considering a new home improvement project to revamp your parents’ home, this guide offers a great starting point to make the process easier. Continue reading for a more comprehensive understanding of the home improvement landscape.

Home upgrades are common: Speak with a contractor for unique approaches to the process.


Home improvement is a huge industry in the United States, with more than $400 billion spent on improvement projects annually across the country. This means that general contractors and others in the home improvement workforce have their hands full with new and ongoing projects throughout neighborhood areas all across the U.S.

Speaking with a contractor about your hopes for any home improvement project in your parents’ home can give you some good information about the prospective costs of any new project along with some great ideas on the things that can be brought into the home to help improve your loved ones’ quality of life. No one wants to move out of their home because of mobility issues or any other health-related concerns; speaking with a contractor who has years of experience in walk-in bathtub installations, ramp building, and other aspects of an older adult’s home is a great idea. For many homeowners, a change of pace in the bathroom is the perfect upgrade. Searching for “New Jersey replacement shower” will help your parents gain the maximum enjoyment out of their property while retaining their independence.

Conduct appliance repair for cost-effective solutions to common problems.


Another area in which homeowners often face consistent difficulty is with kitchen appliances. With a guide that can help you in your DIY refrigerator repair efforts, finding cheap solutions to common problems can save you hundreds of dollars that can be utilized in other areas of the home. Appliance repair (focusing on the freezer, thermostat, refrigerator box, heating elements, and others) is another great area to focus on in any home. The truth is that most of these appliances (modern refrigerators and antique televisions alike) are built to last. They incorporate finite components in their ability to perform the task at hand. Still, with a simple repair or part replacement within the back compartment of any appliance, you can often get the device back in great working order in no time.

Instead of buying a new fan, refrigerator, or dishwasher that can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, a repair is a simple and highly effective step to help your loved one continue utilizing the appliance to great effect.

Consider mobility implementations for maximum comfort.


There are several additions to any home that can make for an easier lifestyle overall. These are a great option for anyone approaching the renovation opportunity for their elderly parents. With new couches that incorporate electric motors rather than push action footrests, an electric stair climber, or ramped entrances to the property itself, you can create an easier lifestyle for your parents.

Many installations in this realm can boost the property’s resale value as well. By incorporating new elements into the home, you can bring in a greater sense of luxury that will help increase the property’s financial value as a tool to borrow against or sell in the future for other financial requirements. Many people fail to remember that their home is a powerful financial tool, and with renovations like these, you can give your parents’ home the best opportunity to flex its muscles as a fiscal asset.

Consider these approaches to help your parents get the most out of their home.