Is Your Fear of Public Speaking Holding You Back From Your Dream Job?

Is Your Fear of Public Speaking Holding You Back From Your Dream Job?

If you cringe at the idea of public speaking, you’re not alone. There are many people out there who are incredibly fearful of public speaking. To be more specific, around 80 percent of people experience some kind of anxiety before having to engage in some form of public speaking.

Just because you have this fear, it doesn’t mean it needs to come in between you and your dream profession. It’s time to get a hold of this fear so that you can set after the career you’ve always wanted. Continue reading to explore if your fears are holding you back from your potential job and how to get this fear under control in a meaningful way.

Try online outlets first.


Maybe you want to start doing public speaking in some way, but you don’t know where to start. Make it easier on yourself by taking online courses like these real estate sales coaching training programs that will teach you essential skills that will benefit your abilities to sell homes, produce social ads, speak with buyers, and ultimately dominate the market you occupy.

By starting with these courses in real estate, you can work your new skills in a meaningful way so that you have more confidence when speaking to clients. The skills you learn through these courses will help you to use target words in sales, manage the negotiation and contract terms, understand best practices in speaking, focus on eye contact, word position, and business plans, and other valuable selling tips that will boost your self-esteem to speak with conviction and ease through consistency that will pave the way for your real estate career.

Use speech therapy tools.


Generally speaking, speech therapy is a great way to help young children with articulation, vocabulary, and language skills. For kids, this might mean playing speech therapy games that help toddlers and other young children to develop language goals and social skills. They’ll learn synonyms, adjectives, antonyms, phrases, prepositions, and improve their speech with licensed speech therapists or speech pathologists.

These skills are a great addition to have as a child because they may improve their speech activity, helping them learn nouns and verbs, how to find words through word search games, and how to succeed through fun games like pink cat games, coloring pages, and tic tac toe that promote interactive game play through speech therapy activities. Plus, there are all kinds of educational games like flashcards and the name game that your kid will have so much fun playing with too!

In addition to these educational games, there are one-on-one therapy sessions, telepractice options, specialized therapy goals, and preschool games for younger children that help with spatial concepts and deductive reasoning too. So instead of heading to the therapy room, you get access from your own home.

If you never had this sort of speech therapy as a young child, then it might be a good idea to reach out to a speech-language pathologist, or SLP, or some other speech professional to help you reinforce your skills as a speaker if you’re feeling insecure in your pronunciations and speech skills.

Get an understanding of your anxiety.


For many, the idea of standing in front of a crowd is what causes their public speaking fears. The best way to get beyond this anxiety is to understand why it sparks up. Is it the fact that others are watching you? Do you feel insecure with your pronunciation or fear answering questions?

Whatever the case, don’t wait by pushing it off and instead get to the bottom of what scares you the most so you can learn to work past it. Through preparation and lots of deep breaths, you can anticipate your fears so that you’re able to handle them with strength as they come.

Practice makes perfect.


The best way to help attribute more confidence to your public speaking skills is to practice. Remember to practice whatever phrases you want to nail down, and google slides you want to learn or flashcards you’re determined to nail. Practicing before a big speech lets you choose the right expressive language.

This abundance of practice is the best way to get the results you want when speaking to a group. Studies say you should practice around 10 times to get optimal benefits. Every time you check a practice round off of your list, you’re steps closer to a breakthrough so you can show off your greatness through conquering your public speaking fears through new ways that support your lifestyle.