Perfect Gifts for Any Time of Year

Perfect Gifts for Any Time of Year

After a year as chaotic as 2020, we’re just glad to have made it safely to the holidays. This holiday season may look different for a lot of us this time around. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult to connect with our loved ones, resulting in many people deciding to spend the holidays alone this year. However, there’s one activity that can help us ignite the holiday spirit: gift-giving! Although we’re used to receiving presents during this time of the year (predominately, that is), we should strive to giving out more gifts just because. This year has taken away some joy, but these presents can continue to spread that joy year-around.

The Gift of the Holy Spirit

Celebrating the Holy Spirit is a gift that fits every occasion. It’s also a gift that’s welcomed at any time; if you’re deeply connected to your religion, you know the importance of including it in your daily livelihood!

If you’re looking for gifts that will help enhance your spiritual journey, Cokesbury is the perfect place to shop. Confirmation gifts are wonderful presents that are not only easy to give, but they’re incredibly impactful. Confirmation gifts are the following: personalized Bibles and devotionals, jewelry with the cross and other symbolism on them, and other related valuables. Head over to Cokesbury to find the perfect confirmation gift for your loved one! It’s a very meaningful rite of passage, and often gifts such as necklaces or scripture-related gifts are presented during this occasion.

The Gift of a Theme Party

This year, celebrations have looked a little bit different (thanks to the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic). However, there are still ways to getting around to throwing a birthday party for your loved ones! With added safety measurements, exciting decor and accessories, and a creative spirit, you can go the extra mile by throwing a theme party.

Does the idea of hosting a theme party sound enticing to you, but you have no clue where to start? Well, here’s an off-the-wall idea for you: let’s head back to the 80’s! Throwing an 80s-themed party for your child (or other loved one) is a great idea! Not only will your child undoubtedly have fun playing dress with in groovy costumes, but the adults will have a grand time reminiscing about the 80’s culture.

While you throw this 80s theme party, be sure to include some throwback party favors. Cassette tapes and a nice big boom box to play all the tunes, a large disco ball to dance underneath, balloons and decor, all in bright neon colors, and a huge punch bowl. Need an idea on where to find costumes for the 80s birthday party? Hit up all of your favorite vintage and thrift stores to find your perfect look. You can also check out Pinterest for clothing inspiration.

The Gift of a Pet-Friendly Vacation

This old saying has proven to be true, time and time again—dogs truly are a man’s best friend. If you really do consider your pet to be a best friend or a family member, it’s essential that they’re included in everything: especially vacations! When it’s time for a family trip, it’s important to always look for pet-friendly accommodations that will welcome pets with open arms.

Fortunately, there are plenty of dog-friendly destinations for vacations! Pet lovers, you can still have your dream vacation while spending time with your furry friends. Whether it’s out camping, at vacation rentals that offerer accommodations for pets, or hitting up a ski slope, Wing Tunes offers plenty of options for places you and your pet to vacation.